Scorer programs by Jeff Smith.

Click on the ‘Download’ link corresponding to the program that you wish to download.
You should Run or Open the downloaded File, but with some Browsers/Windows versions, this saves the installation file to your ‘downloads’ folder, (often with a button appearing at the bottom of your browser). You run from the folder. If you get a Blue bar mid screen saying “Windows protected your PC…Running this app might put your PC at risk”, click on “More Info” and then click the button “Run Anyway”. Ignore any warning message about running the file.
Your Windows security / anti-virus software may raise concerns about downloading from an unknown source, but just keep on saying “Yes” to any “are you sure?”- type questions!
In extreme circumstances, you might have to change your security settings, or even temporarily disable your security software, in order to allow yourself to install the program.
Eventually you will get tp the “Setup Wizard” which will ask you a few basic questions:
I suggest that you accept the default options in all cases.
The default location will be “C\”- each program will be installed to within this folder e.g. PairsScorer will be installed into the folder “C:\PairsScorer”, etc.
Warning: You should NOT install to the c:\Program Files folder. That folder has security privileges in recent Windows releases and may cause problems.
When downloading is complete, you will be asked whether you wish to launch the Scorer.
If you are ready to go, leave the box ticked, and click on ‘Finish’…
To subsequently run the program, just Double Click the appropriate desktop icon (or select the program from the Start menu).

Individual Scorer Download_Click here

Pairs Scorer Download_Click here

Swiss Teams Scorer Download_Click Here